Use our automated marketing tools to drive higher engagement, conversions and revenues

Engage your users individually based on their behavior

It's not enough just to look at your data anymore. Your users need to stay engaged as long as possible in order for them to complete that first transaction. Using our advanced segmentation analysis tool allows you to easily single out a group of users that share common behaviors in real time. You can create segments based on pre-defined attributes such as device type, geographic region, user behaviors and more. You can even create your own custom filters such as gender, in-app purchases, progression or even social behaviors. You are in full control.

Every user is unique, why not treat them that way?

The Apmetrix platform features a powerful automated marketing tool that allows you to build unlimited user segments and send messages automatically to an unlimited number of predefined segments. Imagine being able to send the right message at the right time based on their behavior. Why not let technology do the work? Once the campaign is activated use our advanced aging reports to easily see key metrics such as installs, revenues or other engagement related data. Don't like your performance? Go back and edit the segment or messaging, save it and it's immediately live!

Communicate with your users when they are most receptive to your message

The Apmetrix platform allows you to send individualized messages to cohorts and segments based upon their behavior which you define. When setting up a campaign you can determine which of your pre-defined segments to target, when to target them and how often. In addition, you can send out individual messages to users in their local time zone around the world so as to maximize your message effectiveness.