By: Lee Jacobson, CEO – Apmetrix

Context can help organize the sometimes chaotic world of data into coherence. Take the following statement as a case in point: One man punches another man in the face. In the world of analytics, this would simply be reported as an instance of pure data. On the other hand, this statement as written leaves us confused. Why did the man punch the other man? Should we be horrified? Disappointed? Thrilled? If this action happened between two patrons in a bar, it can mean one thing. If it happened in a mixed martial arts match, it would mean something very different. Under the old model of analytics, we would translate this scenario by counting how many times someone gets punched in the face. In other words, we would record the number of occurrences for that specific action. Unfortunately, without context this approach only multiplies the amount of data you don’t know what do with.

To carry this metaphor just a little bit further, the function of analytics 2.0 is to provide you the context you need to understand whether to cheer or help pull a couple of guys apart. Let’s look at a different example. Say for instance that your metrics show an unusually high rate of cart abandonment in the last day. This high rate of cart abandonment also corresponds with a big uptick in chatter about your business on social media. If you aren’t looking too closely at the social sentiment (i.e. the context) of the chatter, you might read this as a win. There is social engagement about my brand!

When you finally set aside the volume of chatter to investigate the emotional tenor, you discover that your potential customers are actually vehemently complaining. Maybe you’ve got a glitch in your cart programming and customers are being overcharged on shipping? Perhaps it won’t let anyone using Firefox complete their transactions? In situations like this, context would alert you to the problem, make your data coherent, and better position you to take action.

Of course, if you’ve had twenty-four hours of lag time between the problem occurring and starting to resolve it, the damage is already done. The Internet world moves quickly and the loss of customer trust is nearly as fast when things go wrong. For your analytics to mean anything, they need to happen in real-time and cue you to social sentiment. Apmetrix builds and expands its analytics solutions with these exact concerns in mind. Whether it’s mobile, digital media, gaming, television or any entertainment solution we offer, Apmetrix has a scalable solution for your business.