Automatically collect all your data from over 100 data sources in real time

Simplify the hassle of manually downloading your data

Are you tired of spending hours every week having to login to all of your vendors web sites and manually download a bunch of CSV files? Tired of manually downloading your app store data and having to convert all of those transactions in dozen of currencies with Excel? We hear you! Apmetrix provides an enterprise level fully automated digital management platform that automates this tedious and loathsome process saving you time and money.

Now you can track all your social, owned, paid and other media activities in one place so you can visually see what's driving your revenues, installs and more.

Over 100 vendors send us millions of events every day

Just a few of the data sources we collect include; Flurry, iTunes, Google Play, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Chartboost, Fisku, Google Analytics, Constant Contact, Oracle, iAD, inneractive, Mojiva, Mobpro, Madvertise, 4th Screen, Apsalar, Millenial Media, Xad, Tapjoy, Adfonic, MdotM, Verve, Jumptap, Drawbridge and many more. We are adding new vendors all the time. And if there’s one we don’t support, let us know and we will add it!

Simply add each vendor to your account, schedule how often you want it to download and you’re done!

An enterprise level business intelligence platform for publishers

Apmetrix offers a full suite of tools and functionality that no one else can match. With support for eight languages, a social collaboration tool for sharing across studios, full annotation support, alerts, automated report distribution via email lists and even the ability to access data on the go with our Apple and Android apps, we are way more than just analytics.

Custom Excel add-in bidirectional module

Like Excel? We hear you. Use our custom add-in module to download/upload your data with ease. No messy CSV’s to export or import. With our proprietary, patent pending plug in, you can easily use your same login credentials and access all of your data. You can even schedule automated reports and send to email distribution lists. Now that's power!