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Lee is a video game and entertainment executive and is currently the CEO of Apmetrix Inc., a global provider of next generation multi channel analytics for video game, mobile, digital media and virtual reality companies. His experience spans over 25 years with some of the most well know companies in gaming including Virgin Entertainment, Midway Games and Atari.

Analytics 2.0 – The Importance of Measuring Social Sentiment

Analytics 2.0 – The Importance of Measuring Social Sentiment – May 22, 2014

By: Lee Jacobson, CEO – Apmetrix

The arrival of Web 2.0, and the social media groundswell it brought with it, signaled a paradigm shift for shift for businesses of every stripe. Entirely new business models appeared overnight and everyone scrambled to make sense of this brave new world. Analytics was no exception to this scrambling and the default was to treat social media the same way it treated everything else, as a numbers game. Analytics focused on the number of likes, followers, retweets and pins. While these numbers did and still do matter — 2000 organically won New followers on Twitter gives you profoundly more reach than 50 Tatl? followers — they lack the sophistication to glean insight into Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys user behavior. This is where social sentiment and analytics 2.0 come in.

Social sentiment aims refers to how customers are responding to your business, your campaigns and even your customer service. In the early days of analytics 2.0, this translated into a binary positive/negative assessment. While a big step forward from a raw number score, this binary split provides limited value for understanding what drives user behavior. Unless user response was overwhelmingly positive or negative, it was hard for the business to understand what worked for customers and develop cheveux an actionable plan to capitalize on a win or repair a mistake.

Fortunately, analytics 2.0 has come a long way since then. Effective analytics for social sentiment today take a multi-pronged approach that measures more than the binary. Algorithms can search for a range of relevant terms and quantify data into categories. For example, analytics can rank attitudes or emotions in social sentiment. Where a binary approach might rank a Twitter post that says, “Not impressed with the food at Joe’s Burgerhut” and another that says “Joe’s Burgerhut is the worst food in history,” as simply and equally negative, analytics 2.0 would wholesale NBA jerseys red flag the second post as much worse and in need of review. The intensity of social sentiment, both at the granular and general level allows a business to craft specific responses and general strategies.

The real value of analytics 2.0 when it comes to social sentiment is dousing a firestorm before it picks up a head of steam. While massive international companies can frequently weather a social media controversy, smaller businesses may not fare as well. For example, McDonalds recently unveiled a new character that has received almost universal negative response in both traditional media and on social media. Odds are good that this negative wholesale MLB jerseys attention will have little impact on the corporation’s bottom line. For a local store, though, a burst a negative social sentiment from local users poses a much more serious threat to the survival of the business, as that negative sentiment can permanently tarnish the business with its core customer base.

Catching that sudden uptick in negative social sentiment early gives the business the О chance to get ahead of the damage or try to resolve the problem publicly before the negative sentiment becomes entrenched. On the flip side, if there is a sudden uptick in positive sentiment from customers, analytics 2.0 can cross-reference the posts or status updates for commonalities. If most of the posts relate to a specific product, deal, or even a store location, the business can use that information to try to replicate the conditions that spurred the positive sentiment in future campaigns or other locations.

Social sentiment can offer businesses a wellspring of information about how and why customers do what they do. Analytics 2.0 can help to transform that big with data that many businesses find overwhelming into useful, actionable information about customers by segregating it into appropriate categories, Tues. levels of emotional intensity and even by specific business functions.

Welcome to Our New Blog Page!

Welcome to Our New Blog Page – March 10th, 2014

By: Lee Jacobson, CEO – Apmetrix

We are delighted to bibendum share with you our new website. We tried really hard to streamline the content as well as make it easy to understand all of the features we offer as part of our platform. Going forward we will continue to update wholesale nba jerseys our blog and share with you cheap jerseys our insights regarding mobile app analytics and update you regarding new features that we are continually adding the platform.

It’s been quite a year wholesale mlb jerseys for us here at Apmetrix. Since launching late days. last year we now have over 100 clients. Also, due to the great feedback we’ve received, Black we’ve been continually adding features and Coming performance improvements to the cross cheap mlb jerseys channel analytics platform,and we have some exciting new features will be rolling out later this year ????? that are really going to take this platform to the next level. Thanks to everyone who has supported us and we look forward to cheap nba jerseys continue providing great service as well as we hope insights into how publishers can look at user behavior influencing factors that drive it in a whole new way.