Maximize your ad revenues, after all it’s your app.

Unmatched revenue share for publishers

Apmetrix offers an 85% revenue share without any additional fees passed on to the publisher. No other ad exchange gives this much back to publishers!

Many networks may offer what seems like a generous revenue share (50%-70%) but then include many deductions due to partner networks that ultimately reduce your net to as low as 50%. The Apmetrix Ad Exchange offers complete transparency and since we are the exchange there’s no other hands in the cookie jar. After all, it's your app.

Over 100 global demand partners, thousands of brands

Apmetrix empowers developers – regardless of platform – with immediate access to more than 120 demand partners, DSPs/RTB and agencies instantly opening up your apps to thousands of advertisers. You need maximum fill of your inventory? No problem!

We are a global Supply Side Platform (SSP) offering developers a robust and time tested monetization platform which serves over 30 billion impressions per month from over 200 countries worldwide.

See a list of just a few of our partners

Real time performance and flexibility

Utilizing hybrid mediation technology you can allocate ad traffic flow to your app in real time. Want to do a direct deal with a brand who will pay you a higher eCPM for a particular campaign? No problem. Simply adjust the traffic sliders and that's it. Now you can leverage both automatic optimization via our RTB exchange as well as manually control how inventory is allocated to your advertisers.

Get revenue, eCPM data, impressions, clicks and installs in real time. And since our own SDK tracks installs and LTV as part of our platform, we can track all of your users revenue by acquisition source allowing you to shut off under performing channels.

Track LTV of users by source. Yes, we close the loop.

With Apmetrix’s sophisticated platform combining analytics and advertising, advertisers and media agencies buying on their behalf are able to reach directly the customers they care about, using advanced targeting features such as geo-targeting, gender, age, platform, country, specific apps and more.

Real time reporting enables advertisers to optimize their campaigns and focus on the best performing channels to maximize their ROI.

Easy integration. Stop integrating numerous messy SDK’s

Tired of having to integrate multiple SDK's and writing your own waterfall logic on which ad to show when? How about all of the integration problems and hassles of having multiple SDK's which degrade performance, use lots of memory and significantly increase testing time in order to get them all to work together. We provide one simple SDK that handles everything allowing you to focus on your app, not integrating a bunch of disparate code.